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Track Your Referral Sales

Curious to see how many referral sales you have? Simply open Vimbibe and click on the Rewards tab and then the Referral Sales sub-tab.

On this dashboard you can see your Total Referral Revenue as well as a breakdown on each individual transaction.

Here is some more information about what each column means:

Referral Revenue: The sub-total of the transaction placed that a referral code was applied to. This does not include tax or shipping and already has the referral code discount subtracted from it.

Reward Value: The value of the gift card sent to referring customers.

Commission: The commission Vimbibe takes on the transaction. Depending on your plan it will be 1-3% of the sub-total.

Net Revenue: The net revenue made on the referral order. This is the Referral Revenue minus the Reward Value and Commission.

Referrer: The original customer that shared their unique link with their friend.

Customer: The friend of the Referrer that used the unique link to place an order.

Updated on November 24, 2020

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