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Reservation Reminder Automation

There is nothing worse than a no-show for a reservation at your winery! You staffed accordingly and already opened a bottle of wine only to find out the hard way you’ve been stood up. We’ve all been there. If your guests have a full day of wine tasting planned and are running behind schedule at another winery, it creates a domino effect and can really mess up your tasting room operations.

Reduce no-shows with automated reservation reminders via text messages. If you use Commerce7’s reservation tools, then Vimbibe can automatically text your customer 24 hours before their reservation and again 1 hour before. Hopefully your customer will have the courtesy to call or text back if they need to cancel or reschedule.

To turn on the reservation reminder automation in Commerce7:

  1. Login to Vimbibe and click on the Automation tab on the top menu.
  2. Click on the pink New Automation button.
  3. You now build the automation. For Type select Reservation. For Trigger select Reservation Upcoming. Note there are separate triggers for 1-day and 1-hour. You will need to set up each one individually. For Action select Send a Text.
  4. You can customize your text message to include the customer’s first name, last name, reservation time, reservation day and time, and reservation guest guest count.

5. Click the pink Save button when done. You are all set now.

The text will only send if the customer is opted-in for text messages and then Vimbibe will send out this text automation during normal business hours which is 9am-9pm . Please note if you have a reservation for outside of business hours the automations will not send, but we guess this is highly unlikely.

Update the Vimbibe WordPress Plugin

Be sure you have the Vimbibe WordPress Plugin installed so you can trigger pop-ups to get text opt-ins.

  1. Go to the Opt In Popup Tab of the WordPress Plugin.
  1. Scroll down the the Reservation Receipt Page section and then enable this pop-up and customize the text and image.

3. Click the blue Update button on the top right of the page to activate it. We suggest you clear your website’ cache to ensure the pop-up shows from now on.

Updated on February 2, 2022

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