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Find How Many People Have Opted-In For Texting

With version 3 of Vimbibe, we have added a feature to easily help you find how many people have opted-in for text messages and who they are.

Back-Tag Your Existing Customers

For users that have been on an older version of the Vimbibe app, once you upgrade to version 3, you will be shown a pop-up when you next login that asks if you want Vimbibe to tag all of your opted-in customers thus far. Please enable this.

Automatic Tagging

Moving forward, all customers who opt-in for your texting will be automatically tagged by Vimbibe with the tag “SMS opt-in – Vimbibe.”

Find Your Opted-In Customers

In Commerce7 head to CRM –> Customer and then navigate to the filter at the top called Tag. Click on this filter and you will see a list of all your customer tags. Select the checkbox for “SMS opt-in – Vimbibe” and then click Apply Filter.

This will now show you all of your customers who have opted-in. If you like, you can click the Export link on the top of this screen if want a spreadsheet of all these customers.

If you scroll to the bottom of this screen, Commerce7 will show you the total number of customers the tag applies too.

Updated on April 23, 2021

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