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Club Shipment Automation

Commerce7 sends a reminder via email to club members when they are 2 weeks and then 2 days away from their next club shipment. Their data shows that when members are reminded, they end up customizing their shipment and spending MORE MONEY with your winery. This is good!

The problem is, email open rates are not great and many members miss this email or it ends up in their spam folder. Luckily texting does not have a spam filter, so we can be sure members will see these reminder from Vimbibe.

To trigger these text reminders, you need to have the Commerce7 club email reminds for the 2-week and 2-day trigger turned on! If they are not enabled, the text automation will not work. Here is a link to Commerce7’s documentation for how to set these up.

Now to turn these on in Vimbibe:

  1. Login to Vimbibe and click on the Automation tab on the top menu.
  2. Click on the pink New Automation button.
  3. You now build the automation. For Type select Club. For Trigger select Club Member Shipment Upcoming. For Action select Send a Text. Note there are separate triggers for 2-weeks and 2-days. You will need to set up each one individually.
  4. You can customize your text message to include the customer’s first name, last name, and link to their account on your website to edit their shipment.

5. Click the pink Save button when done. You are all set now. When Commerce7 sends their email about the club shipment, it will trigger Vimbibe and if the customer is opted-in for text messages, Vimbibe will send out this text automation during normal business hours. Please note that Commerce7 usually send their emails in the middle of the night and legally text messages can only be sent during business hours.

BONUS CONTENT: Want to be cool? If you run a user choice club, we suggest using your text messages to upsell. Announce a special wine they can add to their shipment or a deal that if they round up their shipment to a case, they will get a special shipping discount. Be creative and try to leverage this important touch point with your customers to sell more.

Updated on February 2, 2022

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