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Add Vimbibe Plugin To Your WordPress Website

Vimbibe offers a WordPress plugin you can easily add to your website to enable you to trigger a pop-up that asks customers to opt into your text messages.

Example of the Vimbibe pop-up on the order confirmation page.


With any plugin there is always a chance of compatibility issues with other plugins or themes you have on your WordPress site. If you have any questions or are not well versed in web technologies, we suggest you reach out to your web developer and ask them to upload the plugin and test in on a development server first before you add it to your live website.

Download The Plugin And Upload It To Your Website

  1. Click here to download the Vimbibe WordPress Plugin. This will download a ZIP file with the plugin in it. DO NOT un-zip the file! Please keep it as a ZIP file.
  2. Login to your WordPress backend of your website and navigate to Plugins and then Add New in the sub-menu below. Select the ZIP file you just downloaded and then click Install Now.

3. The upload should take a mater of moments and then click the blue Activate Plugin button.

4. The plugin is now ready to use and will find it located on the left-hand black sidebar in WordPress below the Plugins tab.

Set Up The Vimbibe Plugin

  1. Open the Vimbibe plugin by clicking on Vimbibe in your WordPress menu.
  1. Add your Vimbibe API key. You can find this in the welcome email we sent you when you signed up. Or, you can open the Vimbibe app in Commerce7 and navigate to your settings and generate a API key to copy and paste here.
  2. Add your Business Name. This shows up on the pop-up in the terms and conditions section.
  3. Add your Commerce7 Tenant ID. In Commerce7, navigate to the Settings tab, then the General Settings. Use the value next to Tenant (should have dashes instead of spaces). This is what links this plugin to your Commerce7 account.
  4. Select your Primary Color, Accent Color, Headline Font, and Body Font you would like to use for the pop-up so it matches your site’s design.
  5. Add a link to your Privacy Policy which is merged into the terms and conditions on the pop-up. As part of Vimbibe’s Terms of Use, you agree to only use our app in compliance with any applicable federal or state laws and regulations. In the United States, that includes complying with the TCPA which requires consumers to opt-in to receive your text messages. As part of this compliance, you must explain to customers the details of your text marketing program. Vimbibe does not provide legal or compliance advice and we suggest contacting a lawyer to advise on writing these notices. You cannot use this pop-up feature unless you have such notices published on your website.
  6. Click the blue Update button on the top right to save your settings.

Turn On Your Opt-In Pop-Ups

You have the ability to trigger this pop-up on three different standard Commerce7 pages. Please go through each page to turn on the pop-up, choose an image for the pop-up and customize the text.

Understand that for the Headline text you are asking your customers to opt-in and below the Headline we will show them their phone number and a button to click to opt-in. We suggest ending the Headline with a colon : for the sake of grammar, but it’s up to you.

Here is a breakdown of what each of the pages are and the context:

Order Receipt Page– This is also referred to as the order confirmation page. After a customer places an e-commerce order on your website, they are automatically redirected to this page and it shows them their order number and order details. We highly suggest turning on our automation for Shipping Confirmations and using this as a hook to get people to opt-in.

Club Receipt Page– This page is similar to the one above, but is for after someone joins the club. Use this pop-up to encourage getting texts for reminders and special club only offers. We suggest you do special member only releases and offers via text to engage your members and create a hook for sign ups.

Account Page Dashboard– This is the page customers see right after they login to their account. This is usually only used by members and frequent buyers and a perfect place to advertise your text marketing and encourage opt ins.

In general, the Vimbibe pop-up will show up 2 seconds after each of these pages loads. It will show the opt-in pop-up 5 times to each customer before it gives up on them and stops. We don’t want to be a pain and if texting isn’t right for them, we don’t want to force it.

Testing The Opt-In Functionality

We highly suggest you test the plugin to make sure it works as expected.

  1. Head to your shop page and order a bottle of wine. At checkout make sure you use an email and phone number combo that is NOT already opted-in for your text messages. If you have already opted-in for your own winery’s texts, then use a handy trick. For your email you can add “+123” to your email name (or for that matter any numbers after the plus) and it becomes a unique email in the eyes of Commerce7 but still comes to you. So for instance instead of hey@vimbibe.com you can add hey+123@vimbibe.com and then your normal phone number and it should work.
  2. Submit the order and then you should see the pop-up after about 2 seconds once you get to the order receipt page.
  3. The same test can be done for the club sign up page by joining one of your clubs. For the account page, simply login to the account. However, be sure that for all three of the tests you use a different number after the “+” in your email so its a unique email address.

Turn On Your Referral Pop-Up

Note: You must have your referral program set up in Vimbibe before you activate the referral pop-up. If you have not already click here to follow the steps.

Customize The Pop-Up

Just like for the opt-in part of the pop-up plugin, you can turn on which pages you want the referral program to trigger on. You can activate it on the Order Receipt, Club Receipt, and Account Dashboard pages.

Then you can customize the plugin to have an image, headline and description. Keep it short so it fits on the pop-up and clearly explain your program.

Then customize the share title and message. On the pop-up there is an icon for email, sms, and Facebook so customers can easily share their referral link. You can customize the pre-filled message that appears when they click these links.

Once you are done, be sure to click the blue Update button on the right to save your changes. The finished pop-up will look something like this:

Add Trigger To Your Header And Footer

Many sites advertise their referral program by placing links to it in the header or footer of their website. You can easily do this in WordPress. Here is an example:

To do this, simply head in WordPress to your lefthand side bar and navigate to Appearance –> Menus.

One the Menus page, you will see a sidebar on the left that lists tons of options of things to add to the menu items. On the bottom you will see a section for Vimbibe. Click on it to reveal Referral Program and then click the checkbox then the Add to Menu button below. This will add it to your menu. You can rename the navigation label to anything you like such as “Give $20, Get $20” or “Refer a Friend”. Depending on how your website is built, you most likely need to add this to your header menu, footer, and possibly separate mobile versions of both of these. Make sure to hit the blue Save Menu button when done.

Now your referral pop-up is ready to go! Test it by clicking on the links you added to the header and footer.

Hot Tip: You can technically link any button, image, text, etc to trigger the referral pop up. Just add #referral to the end of any URL and this will trigger the pop-up on that page. For example:


This way you could send an email out to customers and link here so they can get their referral link.

New vs. Returning Customers for Referrals

If a customer already exists in your Commerce7 database and they are logged in, the pop-up will automatically show them their referral link.

If the customer is not logged in OR they are not a customer, the pop-up will first ask for an email address. Once they enter it, Vimbibe searches Commerce7 for a match. If the customer exists, then it returns their referral link. If the customer does not exist, it adds them to Commerce7, created them a link, and then displays it. This is a handy lead generation tool!

Priority of Pop-Ups

The opt-in pop-up will always take priority over the referral pop-up. We think it’s more important you engage your customer before you ask them to refer friends. If the customer is already opted-in the referral pop-up will show on the pages you selected. If the customer closes out the opt-in pop-up 5 times then Vimbibe will stop showing it to them and show the referral pop-up from then on.

Updated on July 2, 2021

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